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The Monitor was the University of Canberra’s official newspaper, which began in 1991. Starting off as a physical newspaper, it made the move to online articles in the 2000s. 2005 marked the beginning of the Monitor magazines, which are published periodically. In this section we have included a selection of Monitor articles to show how the way information is shared has changed over time.

A large collection of articles can be found in the Monitor Archive

More recent articles are available on the UC website

The Monitor Magazine, a seasonal publication, is available here

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Bloody Home Invasion Caught on Film
Discussing the effects of digital technology on jurors by setting up a crime scene, and researching which types of evidence are most effective.Full article available hereArchived version available here

Centre Helps Protect Nations from Smugglers
Four senior customs officials visit UC Campus to learn from the universities Centre for Customs and Excise Studies.Full article available HereArchived version available Here

Centre Stage: National Centre for Forensic Studies
Discussing what forensics studies does, why it is important, and the implementation of the professor of forensic studies.Full article available HereArchived version available Here

Degree Flexibility Helps Student Overcome Tragedy
The importance of being able to pick what subjects work for you and how that flexibility can help even in the toughest times.Full article available hereArchived version available here

Researcher Takes Fresh Look at Pest Control
Dr. Hone's research on the fundamental principles of protecting the environment from pest damage. Full article available HereArchived version available Here

Monitor 2006 Issue 2, Vol. 16
The 2006 Monitor from January to July. This issue includes articles on graduation, charities, and water research.

Monitor 2006 Issue 1, Vol. 16
The 2006 Monitor from August to December, including articles on the international sport and design festival, the Canberra Film Festival, and appointments of the next Vice-Chancellor.

Monitor 2005 Issue 2, Vol. 15
The Monitor 2005 from December to April, including articles detailing graduation, awards, and student elections.

Monitor 2005 Issue 1, Vol. 15
The 2005 Monitor from January to March. Includes many articles including those on harmony week, discovering the history of migrants, and new medical technology.

Monitor 2004 - Issue 2 Vol. 14
The second issue of the 2004 Monitor, including articles discussing award-winning documentaries, movemeber, and awards.
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