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Research at UC suggested that the key to tackling PTSD could be in the boxing ring. The study was undertaken by honours student, Katie Speer, and involved participation from military veterans. Full article available hereArchived version…

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UC's Vice-Chancellor stated that the university is "Strongly committed to preventing and addressing sexual harassment and assault at the institution", after the results of first ever national student survey on sexual harassment and assault were…

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UC volunteers worked with conservationists to track the local frog population using modern communication technology. Full article available hereArchived version available here

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A geological scientist from UC was involved in the study of glaciers on the Antarctic Island of South Georgia, and the effects of climate change in Antarctica. The research was published in Nature Communications.Full article available hereArchived…

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7.8% more students chose UC as their first preference in comparison to the previous year.Full article available hereArchived version available here


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