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A video cassette recording of the Ngunnawal Centre for Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander Education University of Canberra.

2000, English, Sound, Interview, lecture, talkedition:
Interview with Marian Sawer, political scientist, feminist and Associate Professor of Politics, University of Canberra

Book on the History of the University written in 2011 by a university committee.

Time capsule placed 10 years ago, in 2008.

In this image, a conservator observes a conservation course, this is before the establishment of the College as a university. The Museums, Heritage and Conservation program is well known and still runs today.

A group of women meet for women’s studies, the wall mural and attire makes this photo distinctly of the 1970’s. This group is symbolic of the University culture of embracing progress.

Image of the University of Canberra library in 1970. While the appearance of the structure itself is relatively unchanged, now, in place of the wooden desks that can be observed in this picture are rows of computers, though studious students can…

Image of the walkway outside the refectory in University of Canberra, the layout of the refectory as seen in this image is almost identical to how you would see it today from the same angle.
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