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This article is from 2014 and focuses on Zierholz, which used to be a venue at the University of Canberra. The Venue wins the ACT Venue of the year award

A group of women meet for women’s studies, the wall mural and attire makes this photo distinctly of the 1970’s. This group is symbolic of the University culture of embracing progress.

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This article is about the women’s conference held in 1990 at the University of Canberra. They speak about education for women and the importance of free speech.

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UC students and staff pledge to end violence against women with White Ribbon day events held on campus. Full article available hereArchived version available here

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This article from 2018 focuses on the conservation and restoration of the Parliament house tapestry which is being completed by UC students

In 1970 Bruce Juddery reported on the changing nature of Canberra. Whilst it seemed that the great days of public service transfers were over, employment opportunities were expanding. With institutions like the Canberra College of Advanced…

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Research at UC suggested that the key to tackling PTSD could be in the boxing ring. The study was undertaken by honours student, Katie Speer, and involved participation from military veterans. Full article available hereArchived version…

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UC Honours student, Danica Auld, worked on a variety of heritage items from the Lady's Cottage at the Royal Derwent Hospital, Australia's oldest continually running psychiatric institution. Full article available hereArchived version available here

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Image of the iconic metal sculptures at university of Canberra, featuring inspiring quotes. The sculptures are posed as such that they look to be pages of a book blowing in the wind.
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